a film by George Billard

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Steve Lin as Baojia cradles his dead daughter (played by Catherine Zhao).  This highly emotional scene was brilliantly acted.  Many tears were shed, some by Steven Lin in deeply personal acting, some by 9-year old Catherine Zhao (who later joked, “I only want to do comedy from now on!), and some by producer writer/director George Billard (who was moved by the performance as he stood watching the monitor).

Shooting took place on a set of a collapsed building that was brilliantly designed by Jessica Preuss. The film was photographed by the multi-talented Anthony Wolberg.

Journey to New York

Steve Lin as Baojia as he arrives in New York.  The scene was shot in a van whose doors had been removed to accommodate for additional lighting.  Kudos go to John Duval’s excellent grip work.

Protecting Her Cubs

YuFeng Yvonne Chan played the protective mother.  This was her first film acting job and she proved herself to be a natural.  In real life she is an emergency room physician.

A Horrible Discovery

In this highly emotional scene Baojia (Steve Lin) discovers the body of his dead daughter (Catherine Zhao).  Shot in studio in NYC.


Hua (as played by the very young and talented Erika Lin) encounters Baojia.  This scene was filmed at a very swank Madison Avenue co-op.

The Boss

Li is played by James Lee.  This was his first film role, though he is a film critic for a Chinese newspaper.  His performance is inspired and with the assistance of a fat suit he was able to add real meat to the part.


Wayne Chang, who also did casting for the film, plays the unmerciful snakehead who delivers Baojia to his life of enslavement.  Chang’s performance is tough and gritty, bringing life to a small role.  Arielle Toelke did make-up, transforming the actors into a bruised and battered lot.  The scene is beautifully anchored by the powerful performance of Steve Lin.


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